Clients: Dixy, Megamart, Victoria

Task: sponsored goods and information about the Tresnutye campaign.

Project: Tresnutye is a joint action of the Dixy, Victoria and Megamart stores, timed to coincide with the Easter celebration. As part of the project, participants are invited to join the game and help Professor Kurochkin find the escaped Golden Egg. When buying goods for a certain amount, customers receive an egg figurine as a gift. To win the main prize, you need to collect 30 multi-colored toys.

As part of the work on the project, the following was done:

  • came up with a modern interactive website design
  • implemented the design and layout of a one-page application with information about the promotion and an announcement of the prize drawing
  • a game block "Create your Cracked" with the ability to share the results on social networks
  • added a block with a hashtag to download the application with the Tresnutye game
  • administrative part for managing applications sent by users to participate in the prize drawing of the promotion

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