WORLD FASHION CALENDAR 2020 is a closed access landing page for an exclusive product that has a high status and value for top executives of companies. The calendars were made not for sale, but especially for the strategic partners, VIP clients, and friends of the Mercury Group. Released in 2020 for members of a special gated community, all calendars have their own serial number assigned to their recipients.

Client: World Fashion Channel

Task: Creation of a promo-site for the presentation of an exclusive product of the channel - a calendar, with the ability to access a database of high-quality photos only for owners of a paper version of the calendar that does not require registration.

Implementation: created a stylish design; conducted an adaptive layout. Custom content management system for uploading photos and data about the owners of the calendar for their access, statistics of their entries, feedback form. Personal account and the ability to download files only for authorized users.


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