Client: World Fashion Channel is the site of an international fashion TV channel with a worldwide broadcasting network in English and Russian. features fashion industry news, season trends and celebrity style and events, answers to mindfulness questions, and much more.

Task: creating a new, improved version of the site while preserving the DNA of the edition and the content of the old version.

Realization: a new version of the online edition was created and launched from scratch, taking into account the new possibilities of web development. The platform was implemented based on the Laravel framework with the preservation of all data from the CMS, including the content of the previous version. The project has done:

  • completely updated design
  • the structure of the site has been rethought
  • new functionality has been implemented:
  • a full-fledged independent English-language site version was developed
  • added the ability to switch between dark and light themes
  • improved banner system
  • new responsive-layout has been created
  • carried out optimization for SEO-promotion
  • implemented a system of templates for publishing materials
  • additionally, developed the mechanics of creating tests and surveys and passing them by site users.

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