Dixy Friends Club

Client: Dixy

Task: to create a website for the loyalty campaign “Dixy Friends Club” with the ability to download the official application of the chain of stores.

Project:Dixy Friends Club” is a promotion for buyers that allows them to become a member of the loyalty program. Instead of inconvenient plastic cards that can be easily lost or forgotten at home, you can now simply download a compact application to your smartphone. Here you can customize the category of your favorite products and receive discounts on selected categories, receive personalized recommendations, and much more.

Realization: a multi-page site with information about the Dixy loyalty program, the mechanics of downloading and installing the application on the phone, catalogs of products participating in the promotion, a map of stores.

As part of the work on the project, the following was done:

  • developed a stylish laconic design in the corporate colors of Dixy
  • implemented site layout
  • connected IPA to get data about stores, goods and pdf-catalogs
  • prepared pictures and content

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